Man’s penis falls off after he ignores signs of skin cancer

guys you might want to brace yourselves for this story but also let it be a medical warning to you not to let unusual symptoms go on too long doctors say an 82 year old man in India ignored signs of skin cancer on his penis causing it to literally fall off 12 months after noticing symptoms of what he described as an ulcer the man visited a doctor with severe swelling skin shedding and hard lumps the doctor reportedly prescribed antibiotics but two weeks later the symptoms worsened he developed what is called penile Auto amputation and widespread metastasis causing his penis to fall off tests revealed the man had skin cancer squamous cell carcinoma despite getting treatment he died two weeks later the case was published in BMJ case reports which is a resource for health care providers to learn about medical conditions signs of skin cancer vary but include a red rash changes in skin color thickening skin ulcers and unusual bleeding for United News International I’m Juliet vara